Customer Testimonials

July 2014: Sarah - River Heights

Love this service.  It is so handy to be able to order bulk bags from home. Richard delivers sometimes same day which is amazing service!  I never run out and it takes all the hassle out of lugging it out of the car. Great value and great service.  Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

July 2014: Cynthia Hansen - Riverview

I have been using this service for a number of years now and wouldn't be without it. Best thing ever. You can buy pet food and supplies just about anywhere but doubtful you will find the level of customer service that Richard offers. When he was having an issue with a dogfood distributer and could not guarantee delivery of the product, he offered to go to a pet store, purchase the food and deliver it to me. Could have easily said sorry and left me to deal with it. Would not have expected anything more. There have been a few other situations and Richard has always gone above and beyond. Hands down, THE BEST !

June 2014: Sande Petkau - Wolseley

I'm a busy mom with kids and pets and a full-time career. A friend of mine recommended Perpetual Pantry as one way to shorten my "to-do" list.  BEST. DECISION. EVER.  Not only does PP deliver the food fast, they also bring in special orders, help me decide on alternative brands to try, and even check in occasionally on my supply levels because Richard knows I ALWAYS leave my orders to the last minute :) I believe the service is beyond exceptional and I never hesitate to recommend it to my friends. Besides, the time you save having Perpetual Pantry deliver the goods, means more time for you to play with your pets!

June 2014: Kristen Tuchscherer - St. Boniface

I have been ordering with Perpetual Pantry for almost 2 years and couldn't be happier with the service.  The delivery turn around is really quick. It prevents taking a trip to the pet store only to discover the brand you want is not in stock. Customer service is great and Richard anticipates your needs, he often knows when I am running out of food before I do!

June 2014: Ketri Wilkes - Norwood Flats

I have been completely impressed with the outstanding service I have always received from Perpetual Pantry. The website is extremely easy to use and my order is often delivered within a day (or two at the most). Thank you Perpetual Pantry for  a convenient way to get pet products.

June 2014: Norah Linfitt - Fairfield Park

I have been purchasing food from Perpetual Pantry for almost three years now for my two cats.  I receive a lot of comments on how soft and beautiful their fur is.  And I always say that I order the best food online from Perpetual Pantry.  The service is great and my cat food is delivered right to my door.  So easy and convenient! Definitely the way to get the food that my cats love.

June 2014: Choo & Earl Rosenbloom - Linden Woods

My husband and I have been customers of Perpetual Pantry for 4 years.  We really don't know what we'd do without Perpetual Pantry.  My husband has been ill for many years and I've had a lot of arm injuries, which makes it very difficult for us to carry kitty litter so Perpetual Pantry has been a life saver for us.  Richard always calls when he is about to arrive so that we can open up our garage door and he can bring in the kitty litter.  This saves my arms and our cat appreciates it very much, too!  We also always look forward to seeing Richard, with his warm, friendly smile.  Sometimes he brings Bo, and that's even more enjoyable!  We've also bought cat food and ordered kitty litter to be delivered to our favorite rescue, Craig Street Cats.  Prices are reasonable and service is beyond excellent!  We highly recommend Perpetual Pantry and we feel that it provides a much needed service.

June 2014: Susan Elsey - Elm Park

The door to door service is what originally attracted me to the website. It is so convenient to order my pups food online as opposed to running to the store.The prices are very economical and in many cases cheaper than what you could purchase in a store. Richard has always returned my phone call and delivered the product in a very timely manner. He has gone the extra mile to provide knowledgeable advise and recommendations. Richard provides a great service and I would highly recommend this to everyone!

June 2014: Laurie-Jane Lewis - Windsor Park

I love Perpetual Pantry. Being a stay-at-home mom of two little ones, it is sometimes hard to cart them with with me, especially when I have to shop for animal food. Perpetual Pantry is a fast and convenient way to order my cat and dog food and have it brought right to my front door. It is easy to order, and I love that they have PayPal. They have always been friendly and helpful and I would recommend their service to any and all pet owners.

June 2014: Leslie Tworek - Sargent Park

I use Perpetual Panty regularly to get food for both my cats and dog as well as cat litter. Delivery is always fast so if I'm running low I know that I can order and have food for them within 24-48 hours, I have often placed an order and come home to it the same day. Purchases are left in a discrete location and always placed in a plastic bag to protect from the elements until I get home. Richard and the Perpetual Pantry team have always sent an e-mail a week or so before any vacations or planned closures of an extended length so that I can appropriately stock up for my pets. I recommend Perpetual Pantry to friends all of the time and it is fantastic for those without access to vehicles so that you can get the larger/heavier items without having to worry about how to transport them

June 2014: Sarah L. - Bridgewater Forest

I first heard about Perpetual Pantry through the Winnipeg Free Press, the first thing that came to mind was, what a fabulous idea!
For someone who can't lift a 30lb bag of dog food into the car and the convenience of having the food delivered to house was perfect!

After my first online order, I was hooked! Ordering is so convenient as the website keeps a record of past food orders so all I need to do is hit re-order from the comfort of my home. Richard is also very prompt with delivery and I would always find the bag of food at my front door within 2 days from the time I placed the order.

When I was first deciding on what dog food to order because I have a dog with a chicken allergy. Richard was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the different brands and ingredients. As a result, my one dog has never had a problem ever since we changed from Royal Canin to Merrick.

Richard also updated me on any changes made by the company to their dog food which was the case a number of years ago and he helped me find another dog food that was similar to what my dogs were on (no chicken).

Thank you Richard!

June 2014: Gerit Westerhof (on behalf of Dixie the cat) - Charleswood

I have been using perpetual pantry for my pet food orders since 2012. I place my orders on line and they are delivered the next day. I also
get a heads up when Perpetual Pantry staff are away on holidays so that I can place my orders early. It couldn't be better. I would recommend this service
to pet owners without hesitation.

June 2014: Barbara McMullin - Royalwood

We have been delighted with the excellent service from Richard at the Perpetual Pantry. He has even delivered Mitzi’s food to us on very short notice when we had a sudden change of plans and had to go out of town. His price is comparable to the pet stores and how nice it is to not have to lug that hefty bag from the store.

June 2014: Marjorie P. - Tuxedo

Who wouldn’t want to open their front door to find their monthly supply of cat food and kitty litter right in front of them? My cats and I have been Perpetual Pantry customers since the service’s outset, and we’ve never looked back. I’ve always hated carrying kitty litter from retail store to the car and into my home, and my lazy cats are of no help. It’s wonderful to be able to leave the heavy lifting to Richard and know that our order will arrive reliably on each month’s delivery day. Besides being professional and reliable, Richard has a great sense of humour, and truly loves animals. Even my grumpy cat likes him! Richard has also been unreservedly open to adding new products to his Pantry, and I find that the prices he charges are comparable to most retail stores. And you just can’t beat having your pet supplies delivered to your door! I choose to place my monthly orders online, and Perpetual Pantry’s website is very user-friendly and attractive. I pay via PayPal and completing each purchase couldn’t be easier. I sincerely recommend all pet parents to consider trying Perpetual Pantry. It’s a terrific service and you’ll never have to lug heavy bags or pails of pet food or kitty litter again!

June 2014: Melanie Schmidt - Crestview

Great customer service and fast delivery!When you have 3 cats you go through a lot of kitty litter, and not having access to a vehicle made it a challenge to bring those heavy bags home -until I discovered Perpetual Pantry, that is! I have been a satisfied customer for many years now and I highly recommend them.

June 2014: Chris McGraw - Deer Lodge

I've been a customer of Perpetual Pantry since I moved to Winnipeg just over a year ago. It is very simple to order products once you set up your account. Delivery times (to your door) are VERY quick... I've actually had deliveries on the day of purchase! This service is extremely convenient, not having to carry heavy bags from the store, to your car, and then to your house.

June 2014: Colleen - Buchanan St. James

A co-worker told me about Perpetual Pantry a couple of years ago and I have been using it ever since. I have some mobility problems so carrying the large boxes of kitty litter is difficult for me. Having my cat food and litter makes life so much easier. It's a service well worth having.

June 2014: Joel Domingo - Buchanan St. James

Great prompt service - convenient especially during cold weather. Competitive prices and wide variety of excellent products. Prompt response to concerns/questions.