Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I don't get your pricing.  When I check a larger size it says, for instance; 7.5 Kg. /$38.99/+$18.00.  Does that mean I pay $56.99?

A: No, the price is $38.99.  The + price is there to illustrate the extra value you can achieve by purchasing a larger size.

     For example:  Acana - Pacifica - GrainFree Dog Food

             Size       /  Price     / Price Difference

             2.5 Kg. / $20.99 /

(cost $20.99 - or $8.40/Kg.)

             7.5 Kg. / $38.99 / +$18.00 /

 (cost $38.99 or $5.20/Kg - 3 times the size of 2.5 Kg. only $18.00 more)

           13.5 Kg. / $63.99 / +$43.00 /

(cost $63.99 or $4.74/Kg. - 5.4 times the size of 2.5 Kg. only $43.00 more)

Q: What if i work in Winnipeg but live outside your delivery area or I don't feel comfortable with deliveries when I'm not home?

A: No problem.  We'll be happy to deliver your products to your office and load it into the trunk of your car for you. 

Q: If I find one of the products you carry at a much lower price elsewhere, do you want to know? 

A: Absolutely!  We want to be as competative as possible.  That being said, we are a local independant operation, not a franchise, or a huge corperate superstore, and there will be times, as hard as we try, that we simply cannot match a price. 

 Q: How Do Deliveries Work?

A: Deliveries work as follows:


In Stock Items

Most in stock items can be delivered in 4 business days or less.  If it's an emergency,  we'll do everything we can to get your product to you today.


Out of Stock Items

Although we try to keep most items in stock, unforeseen circumstances such as, an unexpected run on a particular product, or a distributor back order, makes this difficult at times. Should you order a product that is out of stock, or back ordered, we will contact you immediately and let you know the fastest we can deliver to you.

Q: Do I need to be home when you deliver?

A: No, just leave your delivery instructions in an email on our contact page, (i.e. leave at the back door, leave behind the fence in the back yard, etc.)

Q: Will the food be ruined if it’s left outside in the winter when it’s below freezing?

A: No, not at all. The dry and canned food is shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor in unheated trailers. The food would be fine left outside in the winter. We don’t suggest that you leave it out for extended periods of time, but to the end of the day should be fine.

Q: How soon will my order be delivered?

A: Most in-stock items can be delivered in 4 business days or less. Out of stock, or back order items can take longer.  We will contact you immediately should a problem arise to work out a solution.  If you need it sooner, we'll do everything we can to make it happen.

Q: Why will it take extra time for deliveries?

A: Unlike a storefront that has to sit on a great deal of product to fill up their shelves, we order product from our suppliers, weekly, based on demand. This way we can offer you the freshest product available, instead of something that’s been sitting on a shelf for a few months. Also, not all our distributors are based in Winnipeg, so shipping times can vary.

Q: What days do you deliver?

A: We do most of our deliveries between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. Unforeseen issues, such as a particularly evil Manitoba winter, or unexpected volume increases, may alter these hours upon occasion. Our goal is to delivery before the target day.

Q: Can I just order by telephone?

A: Sure. You can call us at (204) 226-8166. Just remember, we are probably on the road, so be patient while we pull over to take down your information.

Q: How much do you charge for delivery?

A: Delivery is absolutely FREE.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount for delivery?

A: Yes, our minimum amount for delivery is $30.00 pre tax.

Q: Can I pay with cash or leave a cheque?

A: Absolutely.  As with Mastercard or Visa, we do not process payment until the delivery has been made, so picking up a cheque or cash when we deliver is not a problem.  If you are ordering online and wish to pay by cash, just  use the cheque/money order option during checkout.

Q: How do you deliver to an apartment?

A: If you live in a secure building, you can tell us how to get in and where to leave the delivery (i.e. leave at the rental office, leave with my neighbor etc.)

Q: Why are your products more expensive than what I get at Wal-Mart or Costco?

A: It’s very simple really. It’s the quality and nutritional value of the products. We offer only premium products with high nutritional values to enhance the health, happiness, and longevity of your pet. Yes, these products are more expensive, but it only really amounts to a matter of cents per day, and you get a happy and vital pet with unconditional love to spare.

Q: How do I switch my pet to a new brand of food?

A: Ideally, a pet should transition from their current food to the new food. Many recommend the 7 day plan. To begin, mix the new food with current food at a rate of 25% new to 75% current. Gradually over a 7 day period, increase the new food and decrease the current food until your pet is at 100% new food.